• 2017 Academic Program


  • What We Do

    Every top student has a passion to share. This passion can sometimes be the deciding factor for US college admissions.
    It’s simple to find an interest, but engaging it effectively can be difficult. Every top student has an unfulfilled potential to show that they are unique—the difficulty lies in finding the right platform to do so.
    Horizon is your solution. Horizon is your platform.

    Horizon cultivates the talents of high school students through college-level research programs taught directly by top-ranking US university faculty. Each student learns one-on-one from professors at the top of their field to become a truly college-ready student.


    Getting an education at a top-ranked US university may seem like a dream, but with Horizon that dream can come true.


  • Project Based Learning


    Project-based learning is an entirely different way of imagining excellence. Instead of measuring students on a 100, 120, or 2400-point scale, educators around the world are asking students to set real-world objectives with real-world value and to achieve them.


  • Advantages of Horizon

    Rare opportunity

    A program designed not to make mediocre students better, but to let brilliant students shine

    Being accepted into a top university abroad can seem like a dream, but with Horizon, that dream can come true. We pair top-level students with leading researchers at top-ranking universities.


    The program is as great of a learning experience as you make it. The more you push yourself, the farther you’ll go and the faster you’ll get there. And there are seasoned experts to guide you throughout the whole process.

    Greatly benefits each student’s application

    Who else to better vouch for the brilliance of a student and their readiness for college-level research than a top-level college professor?

    Each student receives an evaluation personally written by their guiding mentor and senior instructor. The words of a prominent university researcher go far on an application and can provide a weight of credibility that is impossible to achieve as a foreign student on one’s own.


    Each student also receives a letter of recommendation, which also goes a long way toward establishing the legitimacy and unique strengths of a candidate, especially for foreign students.

    Develops students into better contributors

    Teaches students how to better contribute to a classroom, academia, and society alike

    Horizon teaches transferable skills. Horizon doesn’t just teach you material; Horizon teaches you how to learn.


    Horizon makes you a fundamentally stronger applicant. The skills you’ll learn in Horizon will benefit you for the rest of your career in school and beyond.

  • What Makes Horizon Unique?

    Learning beyond Borders

    Horizon Scholars and their professors may participate in the program from anywhere in the world. With a computing device and a reliable internet connection, Scholars are able to participate in group discussions, ask questions, share their work, and experience striking photos and videos that bring the classroom to life.

    Academic Freedom

    At Horizon Academic, we believe that Scholars do their best work in an environment where any topic can be explored, any argument can be made, and any assumption can be questioned. At Horizon Academic, Scholars are free to choose any research topic they would like that is relevant to the course that they are taking.

    Unrivaled Faculty Attention

    With a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio, Horizon Academic supports its Scholars with the guidance of a professor, a teaching assistant, a writing counsellor, and a program coordinator.

    Scholarship with Purpose


    We believe that scholarship has the power to inspire and inform solutions to pressing global problems. We encourage our Scholars to develop projects that address global public policy issues. Whether our Scholars choose to analyze theories of economic development or examine the collapse of a local ecosystem in their home country, we challenge our Scholars to consider the policy implications of their findings.


  • The Skills Students Learn through Horizon

    Time Management

    A substantive thesis requires

    effective time management skills,

    which Horizon makes easy to learn.

    Critical Thinking

    Clear writing is a form of clear thinking—students will learn from the professor and the writing center how to think critically.

    Goal Setting

    Horizon teaches students how to

    break down large and intimidating goals into smaller manageable ones to succeed at big tasks.

    Research Skills

    It’s the research that brings creative ideas to fruition—Horizon teaches college-level research techniques.

    Analytical Writing

    High standards produce high quality work—Horizon prepares students for college-level projects by using college-level standards.


    Students will be inspired to create

    innovative solutions to real-world


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